Exam table rolls

Exam table rolls offer high level of protection from microorganisms and other dirtiness. They provide great sense of hygiene, safety and freshness.
They are made of high quality cellulose materials with high level of absorption. Some of them are even impemeable. Exam table rols are endurable and kind to the environment as well. They meet the most rigorous hygiene standards. Different level of absorption enable various use of tablerols in hospitals, clinics, ambulances, nursing homes, as well as in solariums, massage and beauty saloons.
They are very simple to use. They can be placed over exam table with the help of table roll holder. Used piece can be cut off and thrown away. One can also roll it back up an cast it off later. Dimensions of table rolls can be adapted to specific wishes and demands of our customers.

You can choice between perforated or non-perforated rolls. Exam table rolls can be perforated ever 30 or 60 cm